Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sabbath Day

After going to a synagogue last night and being hosted for wonderful dinners by its various members to the south of the Old City, we are granted a few hours of peace today, until a concert tonight after sundown. Some of us are still sleeping; others have gone outside of the Old City in search of musical synagogues or markets. I and some others may spend some time simply wandering (it's hard to get too lost when you are surrounded by walls) but I'm not sure yet.

But above all else, this is the day with space - to exist, to reflect, and to grow. For me, that means blogging, but all of us are keeping journals of this experience. The theme of the group's shared reflections, if I can come close to summarizing, is that our time has mainly raised more questions than answers - that each new experience reminds us of how little we know and knew. For now, though, we breathe.

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