Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our days have settled into something of a rhythm:
  • Wake at 6:00-8:00 (later each day)
  • Breakfast from 7 until 8:30
  • 8:30 - into the field until lunch at some falafel place
  • an afternoon session
  • dinner at Ecce Homo at 7, then an evening activity.
Though there are seders and other events that interrupt the flow, we are mostly going for 12 hours a day, with an hour or two break for napping or journal-writing. (My journal is here.) Yesterday, for example, after being promised we would never repeat the Ecce Homo-Western Wall-Temple Mount-Lion's Gate-Mount of Olives-Dung Gate-Church of the Holy Sepulcher-Jewsih Quarter-Ecce Homo-45 minute walk to the Seder and back, we went only to the Mount with Ali, the Muslim Quarter, Home, then the Christian Quarter with Hanna.

The silliest part, though, was that after dinner, we went to the Western Wall, and then took a tour of the Western Wall tunnels, which actually butt up against Ecce Homo. However, because the exit from them on the north side of the city isn't used at night, we then had to walk all the way back to the Ecce Homo underground.

For me, the Western Wall tunnels were an amazing experience, showing how deep this city actually is.

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