Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Snapshots--Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Our group in front of the Dome of the Rock. We visited again on Wednesday with our tour guide, Ali (you'll see him in another picture). Ali talked to us a lot about the asymmetry of Islamic architecture. It seems to also be a characteristic of his photography. 

Wednesday night we went to the Western wall tunnels. Bob said that he could bench press some of the stones. We were so tired that Ben couldn't tell where one stone ended and the other one began. 

Tunnels again!

Wednesday again, at the Dome of the Rock. 

Also Wednesday. This is Ali, our guide. This was an Ottoman well. 

Rugelach at Marzipan, a delicious bakery in the souk. We ate lots of these. Then some girls from New Jersey were very impressed with Robert's knowledge of Hebrew. And some Israeli boys were, too. He would like me to include that he got a discount as a result of his impressive Hebrew. 

---Photos/Captions courtesy of Rachel, Ben, and Robert

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